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ASPARAGUS FERN 3.5" -4" Grower Pot


As much as we love the feathery foliage of the ASPARAGUS FERN, it's actually considered an invasive plant in Texas, Hawaii, and Florida. Fortunately for us, weeds tend to make exceptional houseplants! They are robust growers that can tolerate a wide variety of conditions and require very little maintenance.

Asparagus Ferns will grow fastest in BRIGHT INDIRECT light, but aren't overly particular. Their light should be bright enough to (comfortably) read in, without any artificial lighting. Too much sun will turn the leaf tips brown; not enough light and the leaves will begin to yellow.

Asparagus Ferns were named for their fern-like appearance, but are not true ferns! They do well with average household humidity levels, and can even withstand short periods of drought. You'll need to water when the top 20% of the soil feels dry, leaving it saturated, but not soggy. 


Plants and pots sold separately!