OLIVE TREE 10" Grower Pot (3' tall)


Someone once said, "Plants are like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you're going to get". Okay, maybe no one said that but you get the idea. No two plants are exactly the same! Your plant might vary slightly from what is pictured. Our aim is to find you a plant that closely resembles the one on our website as much as possible. 

Please note that all plants are final sale.


Olive trees are HIGH LIGHT plants. They are often grown outdoors to provide relief from the hot, hot sun! This tree is highly valued for its exceptionally hard and durable wood, which is so strong it can be used for house posts and bridge timbers. 


Olive trees will do best in a South-facing window where they can receive at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Consistent direct sunlight is necessary to keep this plant healthy, as it is native to the Mediterranean. This plant will be happy outdoors during the summer months. Olive trees do not tolerate low light. 

Water your Olive tree when the top few inches of soil feel dry. 

Plants and pots sold separately! 


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