What’s your return policy?

Return Policy for Plants:

Plants are living entities, and while we provide guidelines for success, we cannot guarantee the health of your plant once it is out of our care. Our team cleans and inspects every plant we sell, but sometimes pests can be hard to catch. If you run into any pre-existing health issues with a plant, contact us for a replacement within 15 days of purchase. For plant care support, email us any time or come by during store hours to chat in person. Please note that all plants are final sale and are not eligible for return/refund/ exchange. 

Return Policy for Planters:

Planters, home & gardening accessories can be exchanged or returned for store credit or refund within 15 days of purchase

I saw a cool plant you posted on Instagram! Can I put it on hold?

Unfortunately, we do not put HOLDS without payment. If you’d like to see a plant in person first, we encourage calling to see which location you can see the plant. Otherwise, you can secure the plant by ordering it for pick up at either of our locations.


Where do you deliver?

  • We deliver anywhere within Toronto! This includes Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough.

I'm outside of your delivery radius -- how much will it cost?

Am I able to book a specific delivery time / How will I know what time my order will arrive?

  • Our delivery window is between 11 AM - 6 PM. If you have a time-sensitive delivery (i.e. for an office that closes at 5 PM), please us know via email at info@dynastyplantshop.com

I missed my delivery! Now what?

  • If you’d like to reschedule your missed delivery, there is a $20 fee for another delivery attempt. 

I won’t be home – can you leave my order on my doorstep/lobby/outside my unit door?

  • We cannot leave orders unattended without written permission (can be written in the “Special Instructions” section in your online cart at checkout). Please note that customers accept the responsibility of packages left unattended once it has been delivered. Additionally, we can only accommodate this request for outdoor drop-offs when the weather is consistently above 15°C.

My order was a gift -- will I be notified once it's been delivered?

Can I order a specific plant that isn’t on your website?

If you have a custom request, please email us at at info@dynastyplantshop.com to see if this is something we can source for you.

If it’s for a plant you’ve seen us carry before: we typically restock and receive new plants on a weekly basis, so we recommend checking the website or Instagram to see if an item has been restocked.

Can you alert me when a specific plant/item has been restocked?

Unfortunately, no–but we are working on this!


Can I send a picture for help with its care? Can I bring it into the shop?

Absolutely! We’re always happy to help with plant care questions, but we do encourage you to email first as moving your plant can risk putting it into shock. Please send your inquiries to at info@dynastyplantshop.com with as much information as possible (i.e. proximity to light source, window directions, watering, does the pot have drainage etc.) and if possible, please provide photos. 

How do your design services work? Do you do in-home visits?

We offer site/in-home visits, consultation, and custom proposal with a selection of options and pricing info. Plants, planters, repotting services, delivery, and/or installation services are all priced separately. Get in touch!

Can you (re)pot my plants for me? Even with a pot not from your store?

Yes! We do offer (re)potting services and price based on the current size of the plant (diameter of pot in inches). Please note that same-day turnaround is not guaranteed and it’s encouraged to call ahead. Depending on the project, staff will be able to provide a quote for completed project’s pick-up time. It is also recommended to come to the Dupont location for (re)potting services.

POTTING FEE - SMALL 6” AND UNDER: $5.00/per plant
POTTING FEE - MEDIUM 7-12”: $25.00/per plant
POTTING FEE - LARGE PLANT 14”+: $50.00/per plant

 Can you (re)pot my plants at my house?

Yes! We charge $150 for a site visit in addition to (re)potting fees (listed below). We do offer (re)potting services and price based on the current size of the plant (diameter of pot in inches). Please email info@dynastyplantshop.com with any on-site (re)potting inquiries.

POTTING FEE - SMALL 6” AND UNDER: $5.00/per plant
POTTING FEE - MEDIUM 7-12”: $25.00/per plant
POTTING FEE - LARGE PLANT 14”+: $50.00/per plant


My plant doesn’t seem to be doing well after I brought it home. What should I do?

It is common for plants to go through an adjustment period as it gets used to its new environment; however, please send photos to info@dynastyplantshop.com within 15 days of purchase as we are unable to process exchanges/returns beyond that. Pre- order plants are final sale, but we can still trouble shoot any plant care questions!

I’m looking for a tall plant to put in a low light. What are my options?

Sansevieria aka Snake Plants are hardy and low-light tolerant plants. They can grow quite tall, but they are slow growers – so it’s best to ‘start large’ at the size you want. Although they can adapt to ‘low-light’ this doesn't mean ‘no light’ as all plants require light to grow. You can check out our grow light bulb options here.

How do I know that there’s enough light for the plant I want? Does the direction of my windows really matter?

Lighting is the most important factor in keeping your plant happy and healthy. Some plants require very bright direct light, while others can adapt to lower light. The best place to start when determining which plants are best for your space, is to assess your window direction.

  •  South and West facing windows receive the strongest and longest duration of sunlight. Some plants best suited for this window direction are:
    • Cacti and Succulents
    • Ficus
    • Bird of paradise
    • Citrus and other fruit bearing plants
  •  East facing windows receive morning light, that is not particularly strong. Some plants best suited for this window direction are:
    • Philodendron
    • Dracaena
    • Prayer plants
    • Alocasia
  • North facing windows receive indirect light, with zero direct sunlight. Some plants best suited for this window direction are:
    • Peace lilies
    • ZZ plants
    • Sansevieria
    • Pothos

       How far back from the window can I put my plant?

      This depends on your window direction and the plant in question. Each plant on our website has a guide as to where their ideal placement should be. If you’re unsure about how far back your plant should go– send us a picture of your space to info@dynastyplantshop.com and we’ll be happy to help you find the right spot!

       Help! There are splits and/or tears in my Bird of Paradise! What’s going on?

      Splits and tears are natural with Bird of Paradise as it allows wind to pass through its leaves to prevent damaging the plant.

      Help! What are your options for: Low-light spaces? Pet-friendly plants? Beginner-friendly Plants?
      Check out our Collections / Plant Guide section for more information!


      How do I use my gift card?

      We've paused online and in-store sales, please email us if you need to use your gift card.  info@dynastyplantshop.com

      Do gift cards expire?

      Yes, gift cards are only valid for one year from the date the card was purchased / issued. 

      Still can’t find the answer to your question?

      Email us at info@dynastyplantshop.com!