SNAKE PLANT (SANSEVIERIA 'ZEYLANICA') 14 Inch. Grower Pot (4-4.5' tall)


Someone once said, "Plants are like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you're going to get". Okay, maybe no one said that but you get the idea. No two plants are exactly the same! Your plant might vary slightly from what is pictured. Our aim is to find you a plant that closely resembles the one on our website as much as possible. 

Please note that all plants are final sale.


What can we say about Snake plants? Easy to care for and an excellent air purifier, they expel oxygen at night which makes it a great choice for a bedside plant. Snake plants thrive with neglect and are LOW LIGHT HARDY. However, low light doesn’t mean no light. They still need access to some daylight.



Snake Plants prefer bright light but are extremely adaptable to low light conditions.


Sansevieria like dry soil and will rot when too much moisture is present. If the Sansevieria leaves are beginning to shrivel, it’s time for a drink!            

Plants and pots sold separately!


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