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FICUS RUBBER MELANY STANDARD 10" Grower Pot (~3 ft tall)


A member of the Ficus family, the Elastica’s is a great air purifier and is quite hardy indoors. It’s referred to as the “Rubber Plant” due to the fact that the plant produces white latex sap which emerges oozes out of the leaves and stems if they're scratched or cut. The latex can be an irritant to the eyes and skin, so handle the plant carefully and make sure you wash it off afterwards and you shouldn't have any issues.

Ficus Elastica prefer BRIGHT INDIRECT LIGHT.



This is a high light plant. It’ll do best directly in front of an east-facing window or 5’-10 away from a south or west-facing window. It does not like to be subjected to direct sun and can burn if in direct contact for too long.


Rubber plants prefers moderately moist soil. A thorough watering when the top 2"-3" of the soil are dry is ideal.                                         

Plants and pots sold separately!