FICUS MOCLAME 17 Inch. Grower Pot (6'- 7' tall)


Someone once said, "Plants are like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you're going to get". Okay, maybe no one said that but you get the idea. No two plants are exactly the same! Your plant might vary slightly from what is pictured. Our aim is to find you a plant that closely resembles the one on our website as much as possible. 

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Ficus Microcarpa Moclame has lovely, glossy oval leaves. It’s easy to care for and is well known for filtering the air of pollutants, making it an ideal healthy plant for any home or office. The simple, natural beauty of the Ficus Microcarpa Moclame adds an understated touch of elegance to any space. Ficus Moclame prefer BRIGHT LIGHT. 



This is a high light plant, like all Ficus plants.

It will do best directly in front of a south or west-facing window.  They will not tolerate low light conditions.


The Ficus Moclame prefers moderately moist soil. A thorough watering when the soil is completely dry is ideal. Insufficient light or incorrect watering can trigger leaf drop. Adjust as necessary and your plant should quickly recover.          


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